David Duke Admits Protocols Of Zion is a Work of Fiction
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2018-01-22 04:32:01 UTC

For years, he has been telling the world that the POZ are evidence of a Jewish plot to subvert governments and take over the planet. The POZ is presented by the author as the minutes of a meeting of leading Jews which supposedly took place in Europe in the late 19th century. Up until now, Duke has used them as a justification
for hatred and suspicion toward Jews which he preaches to anyone who will listen.
One of the lasting claims that the POZ makes is that Jews own the media and they are planning to use it to
twist the minds of non-Jews into accepting Jewish domination. This conspiracy theory has received wide acceptance among antisemites who repeat it every chance they get. Hitler's Nazis used it as part of their justification for their campaign of antisemitism all over Europe during the period 1933-45.
Now, Duke says he was wrong:the meeting never took place. It was all fiction.
For over 100 years, Jews and non-Jewish scholars have insisted it was fiction.
Please read the article on this subject in my blog:"Replies to Stormfront."
Alexander Baron
2018-02-24 22:27:31 UTC
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I've always said who needs the Protocols Of Zion when we've got the real thing?